Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Daddy's Preaching

My 6 year old is usually too busy flipping through TV channels or too engrossed with his toys to put up with my preaching .So, I am going to hold back my urge to preach and just leave this post here and hopefully he will tune in someday when he is old enough

- It's hard for any parent to tell their kid that "You are not getting that hot wheel today", but I hope this will help you will learn to live with limited choices . As the famous quote goes - " There's enough in this world for every man's needs, but not enough for any man's greed"

- No matter how good or bad you have it, go easy on yourself. Don't go overboard with success , failure , fears and doubts. If you learn to Love and Forgive yourself , you will make the world a lot less stressful place for the people around you.

- Time(and ofcourse a cast ) will heal a Fractured arm , but not all wounds can be healed with time.Be generous with your smile."A smile is the CURVE that sets everything STRAIGHT"


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