Sunday, October 12, 2008

Financial Tsunami Reloaded...

As investor sentiments continue to dip to new lows, and doomsday predictions pour in , it might help to pause a bit and listen to a little voice from the Dot-com bust era ...It is eerily similar to what we hear on the street & TV these days...

As always, it is the collective greed of the masses which bring about the eventual downfall. Many economists and analysts have been talking about the impending liquidity crisis, but their voices were hardly audible when the average returns from equity markets were between 30% to 50% ...But , once again everyone's more concerned about "return OF capital than return ON capital".But like every other crisis, this one also leaves us with some important lessons.And yet again we are left with the embarassing realization that the human instincts of fear , greed & pride ALWAYS tend to get the better of even the most rational minds.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The MBA's view of the world

...and why the MBAs are like one of those necessary evils or double edged swords...Employers often think that they are better off without the MBAs, but they also don't want the rest of the corporate world to percieve that they cannot afford the MBAs!! And, most MBA's and MBA wannabe's use this dilemma to their maximum advantage ! See the FedEx commercial below...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Immigrant: Does the jobs you hate

Migrant Watch has today confirmed what many people already knew: immigrants are taking the jobs UK citizens are too lazy to do. The results of the latest report on immigration also include the shocking revelations that immigrant workers, "arrive at work on time", "do overtime" and "work hard and consistently". Infact , this is so true of immigrants in any corner of the world .
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